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Over 25. Just an American Woman livin it up in Finland! Dumping ground for my fandom obsessions, musical selections, and randomings! Wanting a closer relationship with God, the Creator of all things, and figuring out the art of balance.

vixenargentum said: QRSTUV

Q: what was the last party I went to, and when the next one will know be.
Well, most of my friends suck and don’t throw parties, it’s usually me. But the last party I went to was my friend Sébastien and his wife’s dinner party. The last party I hosted was this past Saturday celebrating my 5th anniversary of moving to Helsinki. The next party I’m going to is most likely my friend’s birthday in December. The next oarty I’m hosting is a Halloween costume party

R: 10 curiosities
1. How people can be so judgemental
2. People who can dish it out but not take it
4. When Persona 5 will get its EU release
5. People who don’t believe in God (or a higher power)
6. When will my toe heal
7. How will I do for my Voice of Finland audition this Thursday
8. Will my visa renewal go smoothly
9. When can we go back to Japan and South Korea
10. When will I be able to have proper sex with my husband

S: 2 habits
1. Chewing my tongue
2. Popping my back

T: 5 things I love unconditionally
1. God
2. Food
3. My husband (well I try to)
4. My family (again I try)
5. Cooking (not sure if that counts)

U: how many texts do I send daily
On average, about 10

V: 3 big dreams
1. To be a granma
2. To get (finish) my degree in pharmacology
3. To be financially stable/comfortable

Thanks sooo much for asking, BB!


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